• Shackled


    夢魘驚魂(台)/惊悚/恐怖/英语/Dave McCabe/Andrew Blaikie/John Boylan/Donna Bradley/Vivienne Connolly/Sara Eavan/Simon Fogarty


    2020-10-25 10
  • 恶魔客栈


    /惊悚/恐怖/西部/英语/Terry Bourke/朱迪丝·安德森/阿历克斯·考德/迈克尔·克雷格

    A sheriff investigates why the guests at a local hostelry check in, but never check out.

    2020-10-16 12
  • 捕获


    /惊悚/英语/罗斯·W·克拉克森/莎拉·玛卢库·莱恩/Katrina Grey/艾米丽·古利奥特/狼森/伍玉琪

    Lost in depression, a woman is taken on an emotional roller-coaster ride by an obsessed photographer, giving police little time to find the truth about 2 missing women.

    2020-10-12 12
  • Password: Una mirada en la oscuridad

    [2002]Password: Una mirada en la oscurid[豆瓣0分]

    /惊悚/西班牙语/Andrés Heidenreich/María Elena Oreamuno/María Chaves/Christian Clausen/Arnoldo Ramos/Anabelle Ulloa/Andres de la Ossa

    A 12 year-old girl finds friendship on an internet chat room with a 14 year-old boy without realizing that the boy is actually an older man who is part of a child prostit...

    2020-10-22 11
  • 阿莱斯特·奥术



    The story will follow a group of young children who befriend an elderly man who has been placed on the fringe of the town. Once the lonely man dies, he leaves a curse on ...

    2020-10-15 11
  • The Hart-Break Killer

    [2019]The Hart-Break Killer[豆瓣0分]

    /惊悚/英语/Sean Donohue/Eight The Chosen One/Ashley Lynn Caputo/Anthony Wayne

    Meet Robert. Robert has a little problem that just won't go away. He's a lonely guy looking for love in all the wrong places. He can't figure out what he wants but he wan...

    2020-10-12 12
  • 蓄谋已久


    /惊悚/英语/伊恩·奈尔斯/克莱尔·科菲/马特·达拉斯/Donald Dash/Lauren DiMario/乔丹·林恩·皮尔斯/Chandler Lovelle/Liam Obergfoll/Will Tomi

    When Katie and Greg Carlyle invited Greg's estranged daughter to live with them, they had no idea that they would be inviting jealousy, violence, and deceit into their ho...

    2020-10-20 14
  • Kurup


    /惊悚/传记/犯罪/马拉雅拉姆语 / 印地语/Srinath Rajendran/Vini Vishwa Lal/杜奎尔·沙尔曼/Sobhita Dhulipala/马诺杰·巴杰帕伊/托维诺·托马斯/Suresh Oberoi/Shine Tom Chacko/Walid Riachy/Anand Bal

    The film will bring on screen the life of the most celebrated criminal of Kerala- Sukumara Kurup.

    2020-10-13 12
  • 危险美人心


    /惊悚/英语/吉姆·温诺斯基/坦娅·罗伯茨/冉-迈克尔·文森特/迪莉娅·谢泼德/尼克·卡萨维蒂/Tanya Roberts/卡丽·史蒂文斯/尼克·卡萨维茨 Nick Cassavetes/Pamela Pond/卢·博纳基/Becky LeBeau/莫妮卡·派伦/罗伯塔·瓦斯奎兹/Ace Mask/Ace Mask


    2020-10-12 12
  • Little Bruno

    [2007]Little Bruno[豆瓣0分]

    /惊悚/英语/Dan Frank/

    2020-10-20 11
  • 我是丽莎


    复仇狼女/惊悚/恐怖/英语/Patrick Rea/Kristen Vaganos/Jennifer Seward/Manon Halliburton

    A sadistic, small-town sheriff and her underlings brutalize Lisa and leave her for dead in the woods. Bitten by a werewolf and bestowed with supernatural abilities, can L...

    2020-10-14 15
  • 模仿者


    /惊悚/英语/Michael Jason Allen/马克·斯佩诺 Mark Speno/约翰·卡尔 John Carr/海蒂·卡普兰 Heidi Kaplan/汤姆·迈克尔·穆里根 Thom Michael Mulligan/斯泰西·比蒂 Staceye Beatty/迈克·沃特基斯 Mike Watkiss/杰西卡·马丁 Jessica Y. Martin/贝姬·乔·哈里斯 Becky Jo Harris/迈克尔·杰森·艾伦 Michael Jason Allen/苏珊·里恩佐 Susan Rienzo

    2003年 70岁的查理·索兰(charlie sorland)因连环谋杀罪服刑50年后 因良好行为和社会贡献被有条件地从死囚牢房释放 随着新闻故事的发布和他致力于阻止他人暴力 易受影响的杰森卢特...

    2020-10-12 12
  • The Taking of Ezra Bodine

    [2015]The Taking of Ezra Bodine[豆瓣0分]

    /惊悚/短片/英语/Lance R. Marshall/Adan Inteuz, Lance R. Marshall, Bill Sage

    2020-10-20 11
  • 支配



    Supernatural thriller centers on a woman who is part angel

    2020-10-13 12
  • 悪魔のえじき アイ・スピット・オン・ユア・リメインズ

    [2014]悪魔のえじき アイ・スピット・オン[豆瓣0分]



    2020-10-18 12
  • 恐惧药物


    /惊悚/恐怖/英语/Dante Yore/艾米丽·斯威特/艾美·斯托尔特/John Littlefield

    Four teenagers enter a maze which is home to a deranged family.

    2020-10-13 14
  • 妖怪传说




    2020-10-12 11
  • How to Film Your Neighbour

    [2005]How to Film Your Neighbour[豆瓣0分]

    /惊悚/英语/Steve Skitt/

    2020-10-19 11
  • Woodstock Villa

    [2008]Woodstock Villa[豆瓣0分]

    /惊悚/北印度语/Hansal Mehta/

    2020-10-13 11
  • Billy and the Butler

    [1912]Billy and the Butler[豆瓣0分]


    2020-10-18 11
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