• Asalto y violación en la calle 69

    [1991]Asalto y violación en la calle 69[豆瓣0分]

    Assault and Rape on 69th Street/惊悚/犯罪/西班牙语/Pablo Bellini/Silvia Peyrou/Reinaldo Alcaraz/Hector Araujo/Walter Longo

    一个精神病患者,同性恋和女同性恋电影制片人的袭击者。 当风暴之后决定的同一家公司,他们对金钱应该支付一个著名的女演员。 惊讶的全体职员三个秘书和她的一个朋友,两个员工,一位单身...

    2020-02-18 10
  • Operazione Kappa: sparate a vista

    [1977]Operazione Kappa: sparate a vista[豆瓣0分]

    Day of Violence/Giorni di violenza/惊悚/意大利语/Luigi Petrini/Mario Cutini/Marco Marati

    A better than average Italian crime thriller for two reasons: firstly the story happens during one day, which creates dramatic tension, and secondly there aren't too many...

    2020-02-17 11
  • 致命重聚


    /惊悚/恐怖/英语/James Cullen Bressack/Trae Ireland/Baron Jay/La'Princess Jackson/Joe Karam

    When a group of college friends reunite after 10 years, a mysterious outsider traps them in the house and forces them into a night of horrifying games and murder.

    2020-02-18 11
  • 德州电锯杀人狂




    2020-02-17 11
  • Night Train to Milan

    [1963]Night Train to Milan[豆瓣0分]

    /惊悚/意大利语/Marcello Baldi/杰克·帕兰斯/伊冯·弗奴克丝/佛朗哥·法布里齐

    2020-02-16 11
  • Party Hard Die Young

    [2018]Party Hard Die Young[豆瓣0分]

    Die letzte Party deines Lebens/惊悚/恐怖/德语/多米尼克·哈特尔/Marlon Boess/Markus Freistätter/迈克尔·格兰特斯琴

    Finally, graduated and off to Croatia. It's supposed to be the "party of their lives." But for Julia and her friends their graduation trip turns into a horror trip, from ...

    2020-02-19 10
  • Ghost Forest

    [2013]Ghost Forest[豆瓣0分]

    /惊悚/恐怖//Arthur Egeli/

    2020-02-18 11
  • デッド・ウォーター




    2020-02-17 11
  • Skin Walker

    [2019]Skin Walker[豆瓣0分]

    /惊悚/英语/Christian Neuman/乌多·基尔/杰佛逊·豪尔/安珀·安德森

    Regine, a psychologically fragile young woman, is hiding away in the city, far from the dark and forbidding countryside of her traumatic childhood. She's struggling to co...

    2020-02-18 11
  • 脱衣麻将秘密俱乐部




    2020-02-19 10
  • 舔血人物




    2020-02-18 10
  • 爱的问题


    Question of Love/惊悚/法语/安德烈·卡耶特/安妮·吉拉尔多/毕比·安德松/米歇尔·加拉布吕/米歇尔·奥克莱尔

    Architect Dumas dies from a bullet of his own gun in front of his house. The police suspects his young Swedish wife Catherine and her English lover Tom Hastings. After nu...

    2020-02-16 11
  • Stranger's Relative

    [2017]Stranger's Relative[豆瓣0分]

    /惊悚/英语/Jorge Gomez/

    2020-02-18 10
  • 绿妖


    /惊悚/恐怖/英语/Nolan Ball/ Bryan Roberts/Edward X. Young/ Colleen Cohan/ Beatrice Strobl

    What would you do to stay beautiful forever? What would you give to have a loved one back for good? Welcome to Gerald's Hungry Shack! Your one stop shop for all your mate...

    2020-02-17 10
  • 誘拐少女


    /惊悚/日语/菱沼康介/Himeka Asami/Natsumi Kawashima/Ryôsuke Midorikawa/Sakura Morishima


    2020-02-20 10
  • The Devil's Dominoes

    [2008]The Devil's Dominoes[豆瓣0分]

    /惊悚/英语/Scott Prestin/Jana Liles

    2020-02-19 10
  • 神探巴克希:动物园命案


    孟加拉神探5/惊悚/孟加拉语/Anjan Dutt/基舒·森古普多/沙肖特·查特吉/乌沙西·查克拉博蒂/珊迪拉尔·穆克吉

    The story revolves around a retired judge, Mr. Sen, living in a farmhouse on the outskirts of the city. The people who stay in the colony are a handful of social outcasts...

    2020-02-18 11
  • 30 Dias Antes

    [2011]30 Dias Antes[豆瓣0分]

    /惊悚/西班牙语/Nicolas E. Yacumo/Victoria Enrico/Rosendo Garcia/Pablo Latapie/Marisol Mendez

    2020-02-18 10
  • 新キラー・クロコダイル



    2020-02-17 11
  • 霧の夜の恐怖



    2020-02-17 11
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