• Await Further Instructions

    [2017]Await Further Instructions[豆瓣0分]

    /惊悚/英语/Johnny Kevorkian/大卫·布拉德利/Abigail Cruttenden/Neerja Naik

    Sealed inside their house at Christmas, a dysfunctional family receive disturbing messages through their television that pits them against each other in a terrifying battle to survive.

    2018-08-16 11
  • 圆圈


    /惊悚/意大利语/Carlo Vanzina/Raz Degan/Jennifer Driver/Paul Freeman/Bianca Koedam

    Maria comes to Italy from Poland to reunite with her sister Eva, who left seven years earlier and claims to have made a lot of money working as an interpreter. Maria will later discover that Eva is a high-priced call girl when her sister is murdered after a "business meeting" at a hotel. To find out who the killer is, Maria decides to start answering her sis...

    2018-07-13 24
  • Central Park

    [2017]Central Park[豆瓣0分]

    /惊悚/恐怖/英语/Justin Reinsilber/露比·莫迪恩/格蕾丝·范·帕滕/玛瑞娜·斯奎尔西亚提/迈克·隆巴迪

    Central Park is a unique, genre bending thriller/horror film that spans one night in the worlds' most famous park. Six best friends, high school students, prepare for a night of fun. School is boring, family life unbearable, and Harold and his friends have turned Central Park into their 'spot'. Young and invincible; Harold and his crew own this city. Unbekno...

    2018-08-11 20
  • 惊幻奇案之血腥凤凰



    2018-08-02 13
  • 末世家园


    末世国货/惊悚/恐怖//Mike P. Nelson/泰勒·霍奇林/凯特·波茨沃斯/水野索诺娅/兰斯·莱迪克


    2018-07-01 350
  • 循迹线索


    循迹线索(台)/惊悚/英语/Owen Egerton/海莉·露·理查森/诺阿·西甘/唐·莫斯特

    Quinn, A Painter & Bartender wakes up one morning with a gun in his hand & his girlfriend dead on the floor... He has 2 different choices he can make, each with their own set of consequences... Either call 911 and clean this mess up or don't call anybody and clean it up himself... Only problem is in his state of mind he can't tell which one is right & which ...

    2018-07-01 37
  • Missing


    /惊悚/印地语 Hindi/Mukul Abhyankar/塔布/安努·卡波尔/马诺杰·巴杰帕伊

    Sushant Dubey checks in at a beach resort of Mauritius late night with his lovely wife Aparna and three-year-old daughter, Titli, who has high fever. As Aparna wakes up the next morning, she is horrified to find Titli missing. The distressed couple goes from pillar to post in a vastly spread resort to search for her, but Titli seems to have disappeared. The ...

    2018-06-08 66
  • 日光


    /惊悚/英语/David Barker/Ivan Martin/Michael Goduti/Aidan Redmond

    A harrowing psychological thriller from a widely acclaimed filmmaker, Daylight pits a couple lost in America against a conniving gang of kidnappers, in David Barker's rigorous and personal re-imagining of the genre film. Despite its familiar genre elements, Daylight is different - a powerful, shocking piece of vigorous cinema, which fuses eroticism and tende...

    2018-06-07 49
  • 封门笔仙


    /惊悚/恐怖/汉语普通话/昆丁/赵闪闪/杜学成/发哥 Chow Yun Fat/江兰萱


    2018-07-30 14
  • 腐败


    /惊悚/英语/Curtis Crawford/Nicole de Boer, Scott Gibson, Peter Michael Dillon

    A district attorney asks a forensic accountant (Nicole de Boer) to investigate the murder of a key witness.

    2018-06-30 38
  • Tarot


    Angela/Autopsy/Erica... un soffio di perversa sessualità/The Magician/惊悚/恐怖/西班牙语/José María Forqué/Sue Lyon/Fernando Rey/Gloria Grahame

    A beautiful young woman marries a blind old man for his money. She carries on an affair with her husband's valet, but soon finds herself in the middle of a murder-for-money plot involving the household servants.

    2018-07-30 20
  • 铁耙


    耙子/惊悚/恐怖/英语/Tony Wash/Shenae Grimes-Beech/伊莎贝拉·米珂/瑞秋·梅尔文

    At a young age, Ashley and Ben witnessed the brutal murder of their parents.Years later, Ashley is still convinced it wasn’t someone, but something that killed her parents and now she’s tormented by the thought of The Rake returning for her and her family. Is Ashley traumatised, or is the creature inside her real?

    2018-06-07 57
  • 阴影


    /惊悚/恐怖//Manuel H. Da Silva/

    2018-06-30 26
  • 顺风车


    共乘/惊悚/英语/Tremain Hayhoe/Bradley Laborman/赛德·瓦尔德/Curtis McGann/Caitlin O'Connor

    Hitch, the most popular Rideshare app, has created safe rides for millions. At least, that's what they want you to think. It was only a matter of time before the story went public. The story of that one night. That one, horrific night.

    2018-06-07 27
  • 罗米娜


    /惊悚/恐怖/西班牙语/Diego Cohen/Francisca Lozano/Roberto Beck/Walter Bercht/Victor Bonilla

    A shocking assault inspires horrific violence when a group of teens encounters a girl from their school while camping in a remote spot.

    2018-07-19 86
  • 烛仙



    1946年在上海求学的冯晨晨在参加学生运动中脑部受伤,在那之后每晚做梦都梦见同一个情景,深夜,水乡的河边,一个穿着红衣女人被一个无脸男人推进河里。冯晨晨跑过去救她,从水里捞出来的却是一个凶狠女鬼的故事。差的多不多?。无语。烛仙的亲戚。怎么又出来个烛仙……。我已经看过了,续集是打火机仙。虽然没出 看到国产恐怖片先给1分为敬。

    2018-08-17 16
  • 细思极恐


    Think Carefully/惊悚/恐怖/汉语普通话/张跃斌/韩素媛/蓝波/庞贝童/曹菡

    本片根据著名的香港高街死亡地下车库灵异事件改编。 一幢老旧的大厦的地下车库经常出现各种恐怖事件,车库内已拔出钥匙熄火的车却突然失控撞死车主,原来停在此车位上的车连带其内的一对情侣自此失踪,天坑里也没有任何踪迹;有数名业主的车莫明在C区的墙上撞毁,车主丧生墙面却完好。这些事件吓坏了来此停车的众多业主,大厦日渐人丁冷落。大厦管理员聘请探灵小分队一探究竟。这才了解到...

    2018-06-22 238
  • 末日




    2018-07-14 460
  • 莎拉的笔记本


    Sara's Notebook/惊悚/西班牙语/Norberto López Amado/贝伦·鲁埃达/马诺洛·卡多纳/Florin Opritescu/恩里克·洛维索

    Laura Alonso is a Spanish lawyer from Madrid who arrives Democratic Republic of Congo (center of Africa) after to watch a photo where Sara, her younger sister, appears alive after two years without clues about her location. Looking for contacts, Laura realize that Sara was photographed in the region of Goma, one of the most troubled zones of the country due ...

    2018-06-07 470
  • 姽婳


    Master of Oil Painting/惊悚/恐怖/汉语普通话/尚永峰/闫鹿杨/姜文轩/赵婉娇/李铁军

    知名画家创作的最后一幅作品“恶灵画像”后离奇死亡了,女设计师张琳和同伴早就听说过“恶灵画像”具有诅咒的传说----见者必死。强烈的猎奇心理驱使貌美性感的张琳走向了寻找“恶灵画像”的路上,在寻找的过程中不断遭遇了一系列灵异、诡异事件……身边同伴不断失踪、离奇死亡...... 张琳是否能在探秘的过程中活下来… 是否能够找到“恶灵画像”. 真相逐步揭开。???。姽婳。

    2018-06-15 207
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