• La mujer que llegaba a las seis

    [1992]La mujer que llegaba a las seis[豆瓣0分]

    /短片/犯罪/剧情/西班牙语/Arturo Flores/

    This movie depicts the great creativity and talent of young mexican filmmakers. A real amazing use of B&W film on images full of expression and dramatism. It must be available to film noir lovers.

    2017-04-08 133
  • Pullover


    /短片//Gunter Brus/

    Günter Brus shot his own 16mm films during a pause in the development of his Action art. Like the works of Kurt Kren from the same year, they represent the artists attempt to distance himself from his previous films Tachist fury. In shots of relatively long duration Brus showed this process in Breathing In and Out, and in Pullover his pregnant wife can be s...

    2017-04-07 46
  • La jeune fille et la tortue

    [1999]La jeune fille et la tortue[豆瓣0分]

    /歌舞/短片/爱情/法语/Stéphane Ly-Cuong/

    2017-04-07 56
  • Zapatas Bande

    [1914]Zapatas Bande[豆瓣0分]

    /短片/德语/乌尔班·迦得/阿丝塔·妮尔森/Fred Immler/Senta Eichstaedt/Adele Reuter-Eichberg

    Comedy about a film crew shooting a movie about guns and robbers, when real robbers turn up. Having to go home in robbers costume, they are mistakingly accused. In the end the real robbers are brought to justice.

    2017-04-07 70
  • 多多




    2017-04-07 104
  • 蓝色龙虾


    The Blue Lobster/短片/silent/Álvaro Cepeda Samudio/

    During the 1950s Gabriel García Márquez and Enrique Grau attempted to restart the industry. In 1954 both artists, a writer and a painter respectively created a surrealistic short film "La langosta azul" (The Blue Lobster). Garcia Marquez continued in the industry as a scriptwriter while Grau continued painting. A very important movie in Colombian film hist...

    2017-04-07 176
  • S1


    /短片/德语/Urban Gad/Asta Nielsen/Siegwart Gruder/Charly Berger/Paul Meffert

    2017-04-07 64
  • 流行乐


    /短片/英语/Patrick Muhlberger/Elisha Yaffe/Bella Shepard/Brion Brionson/丹佛·米洛

    2017-04-07 34
  • 記得當時年紀小


    When I Was Young.../短片/剧情/法语/William Henne/

    片名:記得當時年紀小 Tout jeune garcon / When I Was Young 普遍級 導演:William Henne 片長:7分05秒 規格:16釐米,賽璐珞/真人轉描,彩色,法語發音 年份:1997 國別:比利時 內容:年輕男子在公共圖書館撿到一個皮夾,裡面有失主的地址,便循著它找到了失主,失主收到皮夾時,問他是否看了皮夾裡的照片,之後便邀男子到他的家中……本片的畫面介於繪畫和照片之間,闡釋了人們如...

    2017-04-07 61
  • Es wird nichts so heiss gegessen

    [1937]Es wird nichts so heiss gegessen[豆瓣0分]

    /短片/德语/Willi Achsel/

    2017-04-07 59
  • 该死的女人跳舞


    The damned women's dance/短片//英格玛·伯格曼/Helene Friberg/Nina Harte/Lena Wennergren/Lisbeth Zachrisson

    The film shows four women moving in a crowded, closed room to the music of Monteverdi. They represent women living by passing on a role that is passed down to them for generations. Two of the dancers are damned souls that come to life, the third is death and the fourth a child born free, but forced into the other female roles.

    2017-04-07 70
  • Damned Holiday

    [1958]Damned Holiday[豆瓣0分]

    /短片//Dusan Makavejev/

    2017-04-07 44
  • Klempo


    /短片/Serbian/Nikola Tanhofer/

    2017-04-07 46
  • New Toy

    [1964]New Toy[豆瓣0分]

    Nova igracka/短片/Serbian/Dusan Makavejev/

    2017-04-07 25
  • Child's play - kinderspel

    [1992]Child's play - kinderspel[豆瓣0分]

    /短片/剧情/荷兰语/Joye Gunter/

    2017-04-07 50
  • Les chaussures matrimoniales

    [1909]Les chaussures matrimoniales[豆瓣0分]

    Comment on marie une jeune veuve/短片/法语/Émile Cohl/

    2017-04-07 52
  • 三個……還是蘋果?


    Three... or Apple?/短片/塞爾維亞語/Nikola Gocić/

    This is my first minimalistic (read: no-budget) experimental short, created for the competition titled "Važna je ideja! 3" (literally: "The Idea is What Matters! 3"), with the help of my brother, my cousin and three friends of mine. I was inspired by the works of many avant-garde directors, and the intention was to create some kind of phantasmagoric mystery...

    2017-04-07 66
  • Ona voli

    [1968]Ona voli[豆瓣0分]

    /短片/Serbian/Lazar Stojanovic/

    2017-04-07 17
  • Silvesterpunsch


    /歌舞/喜剧/德语/Günter Reisch/

    2017-04-07 27
  • Jeunes gens à marier

    [1912]Jeunes gens à marier[豆瓣0分]


    2017-04-07 22
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