• 落寞的小皇帝


    /家庭/捷克语/Jirí Hanibal/Matous Soukenka/Zdenek Zák/Zuzana Schulzová/Jirí Samek

    2019-10-19 10
  • Tayna Zaborskogo omuta

    [2003]Tayna Zaborskogo omuta[豆瓣0分]

    /家庭//Evgeniy Sokolov/Rina Grishina/Mariya Kuznetsova/Evgeniy Merkurev

    2019-10-19 10
  • 一生有你


    Miss Forever/爱情/汉语普通话/卢庚戌/徐娇/谢彬彬/晏紫东/黄婷婷

    根据经典同名歌曲改编,还原校园民谣时期大学校园里的一段真实故事。 当母胎单身的工科男欧洋(谢彬彬饰)邂逅文艺女校花方瑶(徐娇饰),为了毕业前脱单,欧洋阴差阳错地学起了吉他,伙同损友们上演了一出“音乐求爱”的大戏,于是一段充满欢笑眼泪,热血而又遗憾的初恋开始了……这青春,就应该这样活…。一生有你,有别于其它任何一部爱情电影。。

    2019-10-18 12
  • 爱情诅咒


    异能男友之爱情诅咒/Love Curse/爱情/奇幻/汉语普通话/张会亭/张优/赵思/王德枫/裴紫绮


    2019-10-18 11
  • Mak pigreco 100

    [1987]Mak pigreco 100[豆瓣0分]

    Mak P 100/爱情/喜剧/意大利语/Antonio Bido/Rosita Celentano/卢卡·莱奥内罗/雷·洛夫洛克

    2019-10-18 11
  • 洛里斯很好


    /爱情/同性/意大利语/Simone Bozzelli/Andrea Arcangeli

    Loris is twenty years old, naive and in deep need for affection. He is in his room, waiting for someone he doesn’t know. A HIV-positive man he met online is willing to transmit his disease to him. The virus becomes a powerful ally for Loris to gain a much desired symbiosis in his relationship with Valerio - his HIV-positive boyfriend.

    2019-10-18 11
  • 帕格尼尼反击


    /家庭/悬疑/英语/Gerry O'Hara/

    2019-10-16 11
  • 巴特


    /爱情/短片//Rich Landes/Seth Kirschner/格蕾丝·雷克斯


    2019-10-16 12
  • The World of Art Presents: Impressionist Beachscapes - Topsail Homes

    [2009]The World of Art Presents: Impress[豆瓣0分]

    /家庭//Michael Goldstein/

    2019-10-15 13
  • Lost Stallions: The Journey Home

    [2008]Lost Stallions: The Journey Home[豆瓣0分]

    /家庭/英语/David Rotan/

    2019-10-15 11
  • Crime Doesn't Neigh

    [1985]Crime Doesn't Neigh[豆瓣0分]

    /家庭/希伯来语/Hillel Damron/

    2019-10-15 10
  • A Taste of Jupiter

    [2005]A Taste of Jupiter[豆瓣0分]

    /爱情/英语/Derek Diorio/埃里·瓦拉赫/特瑞·加尔

    Everybody and their brother in Little Italy has a story. But few bring together a celestial event, a one of a kind ring, a mysterious man in a white suit, petty jealousy, loving larceny, a would be gondolier, a duel, and a very full spittoon. Eight people's lives are about to change as Jupiter and Venus come together in the night sky for a once in a lifetime...

    2019-10-15 13
  • The Legend

    [2012]The Legend[豆瓣0分]

    /爱情/英语/Christian Lara/Mi Kwan Lock/巴里·普赖默斯/帕丽丝·本杰明/Paris Benjamin

    2019-10-15 10
  • 新西廂記


    The Romance of the West Chamber/爱情/古装/戏曲//廖祥雄/杨丽花/王宝玉/翁倩玉/王莫愁

    2019-10-14 15
  • 救救我


    /爱情//Farhad Mann/凯茜·斯蒂尔/瑞恩·肯尼迪/Karissa Tynes/安德鲁·弗朗西斯

    When a temporary auto call worker rescues an interior designer by talking with her to calm her down the two believe that they should explore the spark they felt during the call, however due to a series of serendipitous moments they both somehow manage to miss each other! The question is... Will fate finally bring them together or will destiny continue pullin...

    2019-10-14 18
  • 福门特拉岛


    福门特拉岛/家庭/德语/安-克莉丝汀·莱叶/莎宾·蒂莫提欧/托尔·林德哈特/Ilse Ritter/塔蒂娅·赛布特

    Ben and Nina are on holiday in Formentera. They are staying with four aging dropouts and have left their young daughter at home to have more time for each other. It becomes clear that each of them sees their life together in Berlin very differently. Ben has been secretly thinking of moving to the island – Nina wants none of it. When a woman disappears witho...

    2019-10-14 15
  • 宝贝,我爱你


    /爱情/菲律宾语 / 塔加路语 / 英语/Mae Czarina Cruz/山姆·米尔比/安妮·柯蒂斯/Laurice Guillen/Megan Young


    2019-10-13 17
  • hello kitty要恋爱

    [2009]hello kitty要恋爱[豆瓣0分]

    戀愛物語Hello Kitty/爱情//丹羽多聞アンドリウ/真野恵里菜/橋本淳/坂田梨香子

    オモチャの国に住む、フランス人形のハローキティは人間界に憧れている。 ある日人間の男の子に恋をしたキティは、オモチャの国の神様に3日間の期限付きで人間の姿に変えてもらい、恋した男の子に会いに行くことに。 期限内にその男の子から口づけをしてもらえればキティは本物の人間になれるが、そうでなければ消滅してしまう運命なのだが…

    2019-10-13 26
  • Hold住我们的爱情




    2019-10-13 18
  • Gefährdete Mädchen

    [1958]Gefährdete Mädchen[豆瓣0分]

    /爱情/犯罪/德语/Wolfgang Glück/歌琳德·洛克/Wolf Albach-Retty/西格丽德·马夸特/海因茨·德拉赫

    2019-10-13 13
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