2014[Through the Lens]

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【类别】: 动作/科幻/惊悚
【导演】:Oscar Forshaw Swift
【片长】: 100
【原名】:Through the Lens
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【IMDb链接】: tt2780384
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Through the Lens剧情:

Through the Lens动作/科幻/惊悚,

Through The Lens, a science fiction thriller, presents a vision of the future in which years of strikes and riots have forced the government to place restrictions on the Internet in the name of public safety. A private organization, the Internet Protection Agency, has been entrusted with the policing of the Internet and advanced surveillance, watching people through the eyes of officers wearing Surveillance Contact Lenses. Computer hackers are now hunted fugitives and disappear daily without trace. The film's narrative follows Anthony (23) who has interrupted his studies at university to look after his younger sister Sam (16) after the disappearance of their parents. Anthony and Sam's parents were part of a group of politically motivated hackers called 'The Movement' that has been targeted by the Internet Protection Agency. Key players in the The Movement have been arrested in an attempt to stop leaked files from the IPA archives, documenting evidence of its brutal restrictive ...

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