1972[Arthur of the Britons]

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【类别】: 冒险
【主演】: 奥利弗·托拜厄斯/迈克尔·戈特哈德/杰克·沃森/布耐恩·布莱塞得
【上映时间】: 1972
【片长】: 30
【原名】:Arthur of the Britons
【评分】:豆瓣:0 ,IMDB:8.1
【IMDb链接】: tt0068041
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Arthur of the Britons剧情:

Arthur of the Britons冒险,

Arthur is the chief of a small Celt tribe in Dark-Ages Britain, a century or two after the withdrawal of Rome. Arthur struggles to weave the scattered tribes of Celts, Jutes, etc. into a union that can effectively oppose the Saxon invaders who are arriving in Britain in growing numbers. He is aided by his adoptive father, Llud, and his foster brother, Kai, who is himself a Saxon foundling.

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