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【导演】:Jason Epperson
【主演】: Gene Waggoner/Karolyn Nunnallee/Dotty Pearman Williams/Christy Pearman Cox/Lee Williams/Harold Dennis/Wayne Cox/Carey Aurentz Cummins/Janie Padgett/Ciaran Foran Madden/Jerry Wheeler/Darrin Jaquess/Jason Booher/Quinton Higgins/Steve Burgin
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【片长】: 82
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在这部Impact After the Crash剧情/纪录片/家庭/脱口秀片中,

IMPACT: AFTER THE CRASH, explores the horrific Carrollton, Kentucky bus crash of May 14, 1988, which killed 27 people (mostly children) and injured nearly 35 others, the worst drunk-driving related accident in U.S. history. The Kentucky tragedy became nationally known, not only because of the devastation it caused, but also because it gave prominence to the then-fledgling national anti-drunk driving organization, Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Our documentary takes viewers back to that fateful night including a dramatic recreation of the accident and explores how those who lost family and friends have over the years both suffered and recovered from their pain and losses The film offers a stirring exploration of what it means to try to recover your life, when in an instant, everything is turned upside down.

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