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【导演】:Mike Marzuk
【主演】: 雅各布·马琛茨/Ron Antony Renzenbrink/马里纳斯·霍曼/Amelie Lammers
【标签】: 儿童/家庭
【片长】: 101
【原名】:Fünf Freunde und das Tal der Dinosaurier
【又名】:Famous Five - And The Valley of Dinosaurs
【评分】:豆瓣:0 ,IMDB:5
【IMDb链接】: tt7158736
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在这部Fünf Freunde und das Tal der Dinosaurier儿童/家庭片中,Another long summer holiday brings more adventures for George, Julian, Dick, Anne and Timmy the dog, when they meet Marty Bach, a young man who appears at first to be behaving rather oddly. It turns out his deceased father had discovered a supposedly intact dinosaur skeleton, but crooks have stolen the code that reveals the coordinates to the legendary "Valley of Dinosaurs". If the kids, Marty, and, of course, Timmy can't rescue the code and get to the valley first, the priceless bones will be lost forever.

En route to a party they are not keen on attending, the Famous Five are almost relieved when Aunt Fanny's car breaks down, stranding them in a small town. To pass the time, they visit the local natural history museum, where some newly-discovered dinosaur bones are being unveiled. Here they meet Marty, who tells them that his father, long dead, supposedly found a complete dinosaur skeleton and made a map of its whereabouts. Unfortunately the map has been stolen. Unable to let a good mystery go unsolved, George, Julian, Dick, Anne and Timmy, join a guided hike through the Valley of Dinosaurs. But their fact-finding mission soon turns into a race to find the dinosaur when they suspect that the thief is one of the group.

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