• 腐烂


    /犯罪/恐怖/英语/Marcus Koch/Billy Scam/Tiffany Stinky/Joel D. Wynkoop

    Sarah has a surprise and gruesome announcement for Muzzy... she has contracted a deadly virus called the ROT which she got by sexing a dead guy from the local funeral hom...

    2020-07-12 10
  • 东亚劫机案


    /犯罪/剧情/英语/约瑟夫·纽曼/罗里·卡尔霍恩/芭芭拉·拉什/Dolores Donlon/Pat Conway

    2020-07-07 11
  • 奇景吧


    奇異酒店(1934年的中譯名)/犯罪/剧情/歌舞/英语/Lloyd Bacon/Al Jolson

    Harry and Inez are a dance team at the Wonder Bar. Inez loves Harry, but he is in love with Liane, the wife of a wealthy business man.

    2020-07-11 11
  • 香港屠夫


    Hong Kong Butcher/香港屠夫/犯罪/恐怖/惊悚/粤语/钟国仁/夏恺君/关海山/吴桐

    Hong Kong Butcher tells the story of a looney, sexually inadequate cab driver who takes out his frustrations on hapless women by cutting them up and preserving their geni...

    2020-07-07 13
  • Kronjuwelen


    /犯罪/德语 / 捷克语/弗朗蒂塞克·卡普/

    2020-07-11 11
  • 冲出布鲁克林


    黑街挣扎/冲出布鲁克林/犯罪/剧情/英语/Matty Rich/George T. Odom

    Dennis, living in a housing project in Brooklyn, New York has had enough of poverty, and witnessing his alcoholic father beat his mother. His father is depressed and trou...

    2020-07-05 11
  • 摩斯探长:诸神的黄昏



    Morse's police work and love of music come together as he investigates the murder of a journalist who was writing about college benefactor Andrew Baydon, and is witness w...

    2020-07-10 12
  • 不良少女洋子




    2020-07-05 13
  • Great God Gold

    [1935]Great God Gold[豆瓣0分]


    2020-07-10 11
  • 少年落毒事件簿



    This film is based on a true story about a British teenager who allegedly poisoned family, friends, and co-workers. Graham is highly intelligent, but completely amoral. H...

    2020-07-02 13
  • Últimos días de la víctima

    [1982]Últimos días de la víctima[豆瓣0分]

    Last Days of the Victim/牺牲品的最后几天/犯罪/西班牙语/阿道夫·阿里斯塔里安/


    2020-07-13 10
  • 侦探费鲁达:医生的日记



    A psychologist decides to publish a book about his 3 past patients who all had committed crimes in past but not caught. Doctor gets murdered and it's now up to Feluda to ...

    2020-07-08 13
  • 浅见光彦9:天河传说杀人事件



    『浅見光彦シリーズ9・天河伝説殺人事件』は、TBS系の2時間ドラマ「月曜ドラマスペシャル」(毎週月曜日21:00 - 22:54)で1997年10月6日に放送された。

    2020-07-01 10
  • 加尔


    恶心至极/病态小丑/小丑被变态父子轮奸后开始犯罪复仇的故事/犯罪/剧情/惊悚/英语/Bryan Johnson/Brian O'Halloran/Bryan Johnson/Jerry Lewkowitz

    A loser with a crummy apartment, an odious mother, and a job that isn't taking him anywhere (kid's clown), gets a new idea. He decides that he's going to be a clown for b...

    2020-07-11 11
  • 雾夜血案


    The Murder at the Mist Night/犯罪//吴文超/梅熹/白虹/孙敏/韩兰根


    2020-07-06 14
  • 上帝之眼


    上帝之眼/犯罪/剧情/英语 / 德语/蒂姆·布雷克·尼尔森/Mary Kay Place/尼克·斯塔尔/克里斯·弗雷霍夫

    本片由两个时间错落、相互交织的故事组成。奥克拉荷马州小镇姑娘安斯蕾(玛莎·普林顿 Martha Plimpton 饰)与狱中囚犯杰克(凯文·安德森 Kevin Anderson 饰)通信半载。虔诚的基督...

    2020-07-10 12
  • 浅见光彦13:津轻杀人事件



    2020-07-01 11
  • 神探贝克:未知发件人


    Sender Unknown/犯罪/悬疑/瑞典语/Harald Hamrell/Peter Haber/Mikael Persbrandt

    2020-06-30 11
  • City of God's Son

    [2009]City of God's Son[豆瓣0分]


    2020-07-10 11
  • 浅见光彦51:中央构造带




    2020-07-01 13
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