• Up and Away

    [2018]Up and Away[豆瓣0分]

    Hodja fra Pjort/动画/家庭/丹麦语/Karsten Killerich/

    Hodja is a dreamer. He wants to experience the world, but his father insists he stays home and takes over the family’s tailor shop. Fortunately, Hodja meets the old rug merchant El Faza, who gives him a flying carpet. In exchange he has to bring the old man’s little granddaughter, Diamond, back to Pjort. El Faza can’t travel to the Sultan city himself, as...

    2018-11-18 10
  • 城堡之谜


    Das Geheimnis von Schloss Balthasar 4D/动画/短片//Vincent Kesteloot/

    Welcome to a birthday party gone crazy and get ready for a butter cream food fight! Hold on to anything you can as you're swept off your feet and thrown into a dazzling spin deep into the castles catacombs. You'll have to overcome every obstacle with courage and quick thinking, but solid teamwork will lead you and the gang to unveil a big secret hidden for c...

    2018-11-18 10
  • Taipei Recyclers

    [2014]Taipei Recyclers[豆瓣0分]

    /动画/短片/无对白/Nikki Schuster/

    A riot of sound and colour using trash collected from the streets of Taipei.

    2018-11-15 10
  • Slinky Minky

    [1970]Slinky Minky[豆瓣0分]


    2018-11-15 10
  • Slink Pink

    [1969]Slink Pink[豆瓣0分]

    /动画/短片/喜剧/英语/Hawley Pratt/

    A homeless Pink Panther, seeking shelter on a bitterly cold night, sneaks through a window into the cozy, warm living room of a diminutive, excitable game hunter, whose stuffed animal-head trophies adorn the walls of his abode. The Pink Panther's mooching presence in the house never arouses the hunter's suspicion that there is an unwelcome guest, but the hun...

    2018-11-15 10
  • Running Away

    [2004]Running Away[豆瓣0分]

    /动画/短片/英语/Sebastien Laban/

    2018-11-15 10
  • Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts

    [2019]Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts[豆瓣0分]

    /动画/英语/Alfred Gimeno/

    2018-11-15 10
  • Love Thy Neighbor

    [1934]Love Thy Neighbor[豆瓣0分]

    /动画/短片/音乐/英语/Dave Fleischer/Mary Small

    Mary Small 'the little girl with the big voice' sings the title song with a Bouncing Ball. Animated sequence: a parody 'Nosey News' reel.

    2018-11-15 10
  • Les ramoneurs cérébraux

    [2002]Les ramoneurs cérébraux[豆瓣0分]

    The Brainwashers/动画/短片/无对白/Patrick Bouchard/

    Jutra du meilleur film d'animation en 2003. L'histoire débute ainsi : Cet homme-là, quand on l'a amené à la clinique, c'était plus que pour un examen de routine. On lui a introduit une immense seringue dans la tête, de laquelle s'est échappée une sauce jaunâtre, qui, par une curieuse chimie, a donné naissance à deux hommes patibulaires. Ainsi comm...

    2018-11-15 10
  • fabricated


    /动画/短片/无对白/Brett Foxwell/

    A stop-motion adventure ten years in the making, Fabricated is a journey through an alien world that was once our own.

    2018-11-14 10
  • 风


    /动画/短片//Vincent Bierrewaerts/

    2018-11-14 11
  • 失窃的心脏


    The Stolen Heart/动画/短片/德语/洛特·赖尼格/

    2018-11-14 11
  • Downstairs and Up

    [1919]Downstairs and Up[豆瓣0分]

    /动画/喜剧/短片//Bud Fisher/

    2018-11-14 10
  • 屏住呼吸


    Hold Your Breath/屏住呼吸/动画/短片/无对白/Claude Chabot/

    Claude Chabot创作的《屏住呼吸》是一部令人印象深刻的单镜头短片。一位狗仔摄影师正试图捕捉某人的尴尬瞬间,不想时运不济的倒是他本人。一气呵成。

    2018-11-14 12
  • 少女故事


    Herstory/少女故事/动画/纪录片/短片/韩语/KIM Jun-ki/Seo-woon Chung

    A girl’s efforts to keep her father from prison lead her to a horrendous life as a comfort woman. Although the legacy is vivid, comfort women no longer makes headlines with many of the victims deceased. The issue of comfort women is resurrected through narration in a real victim’s voice—Chung Seo Woon—in the original meaning of “animation.”

    2018-11-14 11
  • 丑角



    2018-11-14 10
  • 代号基亚斯:反叛的鲁路修2之叛道


    Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch II - Handou/动画/日语/谷口悟朗/福山润/樱井孝宏/野上尤加奈/小清水亚美


    2018-11-14 10
  • 代号基亚斯:反叛的鲁路修3之皇道


    Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch III - Oudou/动画/日语/谷口悟朗/福山润/樱井孝宏/野上尤加奈/小清水亚美

    总集篇剧情有改动承接明年2月复活新作 世界最大的国家·神圣布里塔尼亚帝国终于与黑之骑士团展开冲突。这正是鲁路修=面具男ZERO的计策。但唯一超出计算之事,令鲁路修感到困惑。那就是妹妹娜娜莉。另一方面,第2皇子修奈泽尔与黑之骑士团接触。他向扇和藤堂等人揭露了动摇他们统治的ZERO的秘密。战乱进一步激化,吞噬着 众人的愤怒与悲伤、执着与愿望。为了未来,现在应该去做什么?这就...

    2018-11-13 10
  • DC超级英雄美少女:亚特兰蒂斯传奇


    /动画/英语/Cecilia Aranovich/Teala Dunn/Anais Fairweather/Nika Futterman/Grey Griffin

    2018-11-12 15
  • 社区的故事


    Neighborhood Stories/动画/短片/无对白/弗洛朗丝·米埃勒/

    A crazy day in a neighbourhood under reconstruction: seven characters and a rag doll are swept up in a dizzying chain of events. Drawing on everyday tabloid violence, Conte de quartier is a lively adventure at the crossroads of realism and fantasy. It owes its poetry and disturbing strangeness to an animation technique using paint, sand and a digital camera,...

    2018-11-12 11
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