• 魔登情圣


    魔登情圣/弗林/传记/剧情/英语/Frank Howson/Guy Pearce/Claudia Karvan/Steven Berkoff/John Savage

    "In like Flynn" There was no-one like Errol Flynn. He made Casanova look like an impudent mummies boy. "Flynn" the movie is about his early exploits, growing up in Australia. From the time he caught his Mother screwing some guy, that obviously was not his Dad, Errol's path was set in stone. In his teens he was nothing but a liar and a cad. He could not tell ...

    2018-09-26 27
  • Le beau danger

    [2014]Le beau danger[豆瓣0分]

    /传记/纪录片/英语 / 法语 / 德语 / 意大利语/René Frölke/Norman Manea

    Norman Manea was born in Bucovina in 1936; both he and his family were deported to a concentration camp in 1941. He survived, became a writer, and emigrated from Romania to the West in 1986. Today he lectures and writes in New York. Such biographical information about the author is not revealed until well into the film. Priority is given to his literature, w...

    2018-09-13 13
  • Davaro (1981)

    [1981]Davaro (1981)[豆瓣0分]

    /冒险/喜剧/剧情/土耳其语/Kartal Tibet/Kemal Sunal,Sener Sen,Pembe Mutlu,Aysen Gruda

    Memo returns from Germany to get married with his love but his fathers killer Sulo is being released from jail. As a village rule he has to get revenge for his fahter or he can not get married but he doesn't want to kill so they stage a fake death with Sulo and after that his luck runs out.

    2018-10-05 20
  • 嬉皮之夏/爱之夏


    嬉皮之夏/嬉皮之夏/爱之夏/传记/历史/纪录片/英语/Gail Dolgin/Martine Algier/Edward Beggs/Peter Coyote/Ron Davis

    In the summer of 1967, thousands of young people from across the country flocked to San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district to join in the hippie experience, only to discover that what they had come for was already disappearing. By 1968 the celebration of free love and music had descended into a maelstrom of drug abuse, broken dreams, and violence. American ...

    2018-09-02 32
  • 柯勒惠支:一生之像


    Käthe Kollwitz – Images of a Life/Käthe Kollwitz/传记/德语/Ralf Kirsten/尤塔·瓦卡维亚克/弗雷德·迪伦/Carmen-Maja Antoni/Gerd Baltus

    Käthe Kollwitz is 47-years-old, already a well-known artist in Germany and abroad. Peter, her youngest son, volunteers to join the German army in WWI and dies two weeks later. This painful tragedy changes Kollwitz’ life and art forever. Always politically active, she now becomes a radical pacifist; in her art she reflects on her son and the meaning of war....

    2018-10-16 15
  • 伍迪·格思里:无家可归


    /传记/纪录片/english/Peter Frumkin/Woody Guthrie/Nora Guthrie/Peter Coyote

    2018-09-07 12
  • The Best of Men

    [2012]The Best of Men[豆瓣0分]

    /传记/英语/Tim Whitby/乔治·麦凯/埃迪·马森/罗伯·布莱顿

    Towards the end of the second world war Dr Ludwig Guttmann, a brisk refugee from Nazi Germany, arrives at Stoke Mandeville hospital in Buckinghamshire and is appalled to find the partially paralysed spinal patients heavily sedated and left to rot with bed sores. He immediately begins a new regime,disposing of old equipment and sedatives, bringing him into co...

    2018-09-01 17
  • 假面战士


    假面战士/冒险/喜剧/土耳其语/Murat Aslan/Safak Sezer/Peker Acikalin

    De gemaskerde vijf, de meest klungelige bende uit Turkije, gaan orde op zaken stellen in noord Irak, waar hun recht op olie met voeten getreden wordt. Aangevoerd door hun leider Bahattin, lukt het de bendeleden Tezcan, Kamil, Zeki en Recep op wonderbaarlijke wijze om een Amerikaans olieplatform in te nemen en de soldaten te gijzelen. Ze snappen echter niet w...

    2018-09-15 56
  • Killer Leopard

    [1954]Killer Leopard[豆瓣0分]

    /冒险/英语/Ford Beebe/约翰尼·谢菲尔德/贝弗利·加兰

    2018-09-01 15
  • El tesoro de Atahualpa

    [1968]El tesoro de Atahualpa[豆瓣0分]

    /冒险/剧情/动作/西班牙语/Vicente Oroná/

    2018-08-18 14
  • 新巴格达事件


    新巴格达事件/传记/战争/纪录片/英语/James Spione/

    In this raw, provocative documentary from independent filmmaker James Spione, one of the most notorious incidents of the Iraq War--the July 2007 slayings of two Reuters journalists and a number of other unarmed civilians by U.S. attack helicopters--is recounted in the powerful testimony of an American infantryman whose life was profoundly changed by his expe...

    2018-09-01 29
  • 贝特夏米特



    What does it mean to be aboriginal today? The film brings us to Pessamit (formerly Betsiamites), an Innu community on the North Shore of the St. Lawrence. One-on-one with the camera, people speak their minds in surprising and revealing ways. Thirteen members of the community talk about their daily life and their identity, heartaches and hopes. Betsiamites is...

    2018-09-08 10
  • 原子弹秘密


    原子弹秘密/传记/剧情/历史/英语/诺曼 陶洛格 (Norman Taurog)/布莱恩·唐莱维/罗伯特·沃克/汤姆·德雷克/比弗莉·泰勒

    2018-09-01 29
  • 仲夏新年



    隆冬与仲夏,存在的不仅仅是30摄氏度的温差,还有从团圆故里到孤身异乡的落差。跨越一万公里的除了强强弱弱的信号,还有漂洋过海的思念。 2015新春,海外游子献礼故乡亲友,吐露他们的心路历程。请支持这一群力求原创,追求梦想的年轻人吧!

    2018-09-13 10
  • 人生须臾


    托马斯和老野蛮人/冒险/荷兰语/Karst van der Meulen/Lex Goudsmit/Bart Steenbeek/Toon Agterberg/Peter Bolhuis

    2018-09-21 33
  • 达索:穿外套的人


    /传记/法语/Olivier Guignard/德尼·拉旺/Judith Rémy/Erick Deshors


    2018-08-04 29
  • 尤金娜·洛帕金娜,俄罗斯之星


    天鹅湖畔的芭蕾伶娜(台)/Ouliana Lopatkina, la divine/传记/纪录片/俄语 / 法语 / 英语/Marlène Ionesco/Uliana Lopatkina/Jean-Guillaume Bart/Pierre Lacotte/Agnès Letestu


    2018-09-14 23
  • 这一天起


    从这天起/从这一天/传记/纪录片/家庭/英语/Sharon Shattuck/

    When director Sharon Shattuck's father came out as transgender, Sharon was in the awkward throes of middle school. Her father's transition to female was difficult for her straight-identified mother to accept, but her parents remained married. As Sharon approaches her own wedding day, she returns home to Michigan to ask her parents how their love survived aga...

    2018-09-01 13
  • Breaking In

    [1989]Breaking In[豆瓣0分]


    I remember seeing this little film in the theater. It was a second run theater and this was the second part of a double feature with "The Abyss" which I had actually gone to see. I stuck around for this, not expecting much as Burt reynolds didn't have much a career going at this point. Boy, was I surprised! This film is a gem. A low-key comedy, where the hum...

    2018-09-01 19
  • 盛夏



    这是一个关于摇滚、爱情和友谊的故事。列宁格勒,80年代初的一个夏天:摇滚音乐在当地风靡一时。Viktor Tsoï是位年轻的音乐家,就像其他年轻人一样,他也被齐柏林飞船和大卫·鲍伊的音乐所吸引,并尝试在摇滚乐坛上闯出一片名堂。一天,他遇到了偶像Mike和他漂亮的妻子Natacha。这次邂逅使他的命运发生了巨大转变。他们三人将一同写就Viktor的传奇,使他名留青史。精彩的音乐片。性爱手...

    2018-08-06 121
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