• 地平线系列:永生者



    The gripping story of how one Russian internet millionaire is turning to cutting-edge science to try to unlock the secret of living forever. Dmitry Itskov recently brought together some of the world's leading neuroscientists, robot builders and consciousness researchers to try to devise a system that would allow him to escape his biological destiny. Entering Dmitry's seemingly sci-fi world, Horizon investig...


    BBC 地平线:永生者.BBC.Horizon.2016.The.Immorta.875.12 MB

    2017-03-08 169
  • B is for Book

    [2016]B is for Book[豆瓣0分]

    /纪录片/英语/Sam Benstead/

    This film follows a group of primary schoolchildren as they learn to read, following each child as they take their first steps in to the world of the written word. Filmed in an ordinary British school, the programme will feature children from the great variety of backgrounds that make up today’s Britain. Some of them will make a flying start with their reading; others may struggle. Some will have many book...

    2017-04-17 56
  • A World Without Down’s Syndrome?

    [2016]A World Without Down’s Syndrome?[豆瓣0分]

    /纪录片/英语/Clare Richards/Sally Phillips

    Actress and writer Sally Phillips is a mother to three boys, all of whom like swimming, cricket, ice-cream and Barcelona football club. Olly, the eldest, also has Down’s Syndrome. Following the announcement that a new screening test is said to detect Down’s Syndrome in pregnancies with 99 percent accuracy, Sally examines this emotionally charged subject and asks what effect the test could have on our soci...

    2016-09-29 79
  • The Secrets Of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony

    [2016]The Secrets Of Beethoven’s Fifth [豆瓣0分]

    /纪录片/英语/Rhodri Huw/Ian Hislop/John Eliot Gardiner

    The 90-minute programme will explore the story behind the German composer’s most famous symphonic work. Often cited as one of the greatest pieces of music ever written, the opening notes of the fifth symphony are amongst the most recognisable in the history of music, but the inspiration behind it is less clear. Many believe that Beethoven is railing against fate and his deafness in this piece – which was ...

    2017-04-22 76
  • Elizabeth at 90 - A Family Tribute

    [2016]Elizabeth at 90 - A Family Tribute[豆瓣8.5分]

    /纪录片/英语/John Bridcut/伊丽莎白二世

    A unique celebration of the Queen's ninety years as she reaches her landmark birthday in April. Film-maker John Bridcut has been granted special access to the complete collection of Her Majesty's personal cine films, shot by the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen herself, as well as by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. Much of it has never been seen publicly before. Various members of the Ro...

    2017-04-21 72
  • 维京解密


    /纪录片/英语/Harvey Lilley/Dan Snow

    Dan Snow uncovers the lost Vikings in America with space archaeologist Dr Sarah Parcak. Sarah uses satellites 383 miles above the earth to spot ruins as small as 30cm buried beneath the surface. As Sarah searches for Viking sites from Britain to America, Dan explores how they voyaged thousands of miles when most ships never left the shoreline. He also tracks their expansion west, first as raiders and then a...

    2017-04-19 76
  • 狂暴凶狮




    那只狗救了你一命啊!。一部传统的动物恐怖片。啊…感觉智商被侮辱。令人窒息的操作。聪明的狮子?。A puma at large。上映,神话就结束了。挺恐怖的。阿姆斯特丹城市追踪。《狂暴凶狮》的喜剧效果如何?。


    2018-10-27 989
  • Gaga for Dada: The Original Art Rebels

    [2016]Gaga for Dada: The Original Art Re[豆瓣0分]

    /纪录片/英语/Simon Lloyd/Jim Moir

    To mark the 100th anniversary of Dada, Jim Moir (aka Vic Reeves) takes us on an irreverent trip into the world of the influential avant-garde art movement. Absurd, provocative and subversive, Dada began as a response to the madness of World War I. But its radical way of looking at the world inspired generations of artists, writers and musicians, from Monty Python to punk, Bowie to Banksy. Jim restages an ea...

    2017-04-18 53
  • X驾驶员


    /剧情//Henry Barrial/麦克斯·盖尔/梅丽莎·弗梅洛/坦娅·克拉克

    Skidding into middle-age, a stay-at-home dad must drive for an Uber-like rideshare company (DriverX) to help support his working wife and two young daughters. But low pay and wild LA nights put an even greater strain on his marriage.

    DriverX.2018.720p.WEB-DL.x264-900MB .981.48 MB
    18+ DriverX 2018 UNCENSORED Movies HDRip x264 5.932.11MB

    2017-04-13 49
  • 现实女王


    /喜剧/英语/Steven Jay Bernheim/Julia Faye West/丹妮丝·理查兹/迈克·泰森/Kate Orsini

    Reality Queen is a comedy centering on the life of a Paris Hilton-esque heiress named "London" who is struggling to regain fame after being pushed out of the limelight by three Kardashian-type sisters named "The Kims." London's life is a self-indulgent maelstrom of product endorsements, talent managers, pet psychics, private jets, fashion shows, yachts, and a celebrity posse. Despite her wackiness, she ulti...


    2019-08-23 56
  • American Exorcist

    [2016]American Exorcist[豆瓣0分]

    /恐怖/英语/Tony Trov/比尔·莫斯利/Gemma McIlhenny/Alexa Marie Santy/John Bolaris

    American.Exorcist.2018.720p.WEBRip.x264-ASSOCiA.1.03 GB
    18+ American Exorcist 2018 UNCENSORED Movies 72.1.12GB

    2017-06-15 44
  • 甜蜜人生



    肯尼·佩塔罗以卖冰淇淋卫生,他的生活单调,枯燥乏味,却在一个晚上偶遇了年轻女子洛丽塔·诺维奇,攀谈之下才发现,原来两个人的心理医生是同一个人。他们两人一拍即合,决定一起去金门大桥,跳桥自杀。于是,两个人来了一场说走就走的旅行,他们偷了一辆车,从芝加哥一路开往旧金山。他们 试图抢劫便利店,却把抢劫变成了一场闹剧。路上遇到了两个搭顺风车的人,浅谈一番之后,洛丽塔竟然背着肯尼把车送给了他们。一路上的见闻和奇遇让两...


    the.sweet.life.2016.1080p.webrip.x264-rarbg.1.72 GB

    2017-04-17 98
  • 留守的成长



    近日,从小星人文化传媒获悉,由郑州小星人文化传媒和香港西江义工联合会联合出品的关注留守儿童成长的一部网络电影《留守的成长》正式建组筹备。爱心事业,受到了众多企业和社会团体的大力支持。 影片集合了留守,教育,感恩,励志,梦想,爱情,支教等多种元素。目前筹备组各项工作已经启动。同时该影片打破了以往留守儿童的现状题材,将重点关注该如何有利引导留守儿童的成长的问题。并结合了梦想,励志,爱情等元素。预计2016年暑假开机...

    2019-06-21 21
  • 鳏夫跨美旅


    /剧情/冒险/英语/Carmine Cangialosi/吉娜·格申/汤姆·贝伦杰/佩内洛普·安·米勒/凯斯·大卫

    After the sudden death of his wife and a fractured relationship with his two daughters, John Moore along with his best friend Charlie Wylde, decide to ride their motorcycles from Long Island, New York to the West coast. In this modern day western, they are reminded of the beauty this country has to offer, encounter many interesting people, and unexpectedly discover something about themselves. "Life is a rid...

    American.Dresser.2018.BDRip.x264 .520.3MB
    American.Dresser.2018.BDRip.x264-ARiES[TGx] .525.07MB

    2018-11-10 77
  • Dan Snow On Lloyd George

    [2016]Dan Snow On Lloyd George[豆瓣0分]

    /纪录片/英语/Steve Freer/Dan Snow

    2016 marks the centenary anniversary of David Lloyd George becoming Prime Minister. Dan Snow is his great, great grandson, and will set out on a personal journey to tell the story of ‘the man who won the war’.

    2017-04-03 62
  • 门槛


    /剧情/惊悚/恐怖/英语/Jason Eric Perlman/兰迪·韦恩/特里尔比·格洛弗/林尼·冯·多伦/莱斯利·史蒂文斯

    Blaming herself for her son's accidental death, a young wife risks redemption at the hands of an otherworldly intruder who appears in her home during a night of apocalyptic events and somehow knows every detail of her guilt-ridden past.


    2017-04-23 20
  • 休憩所


    Stranger coming/魔鬼休息站(台)/恐怖/韩语/준오/在熙



    Stranger.coming.2016.1080p.FHDRip.H264.AAC-NonD.2.39 GB

    2018-12-25 85
  • Out of Innocence

    [2016]Out of Innocence[豆瓣0分]

    /剧情/犯罪/英语/Danny Hiller/费奥纳·肖/艾伦·阿姆斯特朗/Nick Dunning/马克·休伯曼

    This film is a poignant social drama based on true life events at the turn of the century which helped shape history to make the Ireland we know today.

    2018-04-13 22
  • 欢乐之城


    Essence Road/剧情/战争/犯罪/英语 / 法语 / 斯瓦希里语/Madeleine Gavin/Christine Schuler-Deschryver/Denis Mukwege Mukengere/伊娃·恩斯特/Jane Mukunilwa

    This film follows the first class of students at a remarkable leadership center in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, a region often referred to as "the worst place in the world to be a woman." These women have been through unspeakable violence spurred on by a 20 year war driven by colonialism and greed. In the film, they band together with the three founders of this center: Dr. Denis Mukwege (2016 N...

    City of Joy 2016 WEB-DL Sonata Premiere .933.63MB

    2018-10-06 90
  • 性、谎言和网络攻击


    Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Cyber Attacks/纪录片/英语//Rebecca Humphries

    Gripping documentary investigating the full story of Ashley Madison, the controversial dating site that marketed itself to adulterers, and which was hacked, with users' details made public

    【Ashley Madison:性、谎言和网络攻击】【WEBRip .1.17GB

    2017-04-16 83
  • 孟买疯云


    /喜剧/印地语 / 英语/Pia Sukanya/拉迪卡·艾普特/Akshay Oberoi/Siddhanth Kapoor/Ravi Kishan

    Bombairiya (2019) Hindi Proper HDRip - 720p - x.1.35GB
    Bombairiya (2019) Hindi Proper HDRip - 700MB - .697.08 MB
    Bombairiya (2019) Hindi Proper TRUE WEB-DL - 10.2.16GB

    2017-04-20 35
  • 奇怪的袜子精灵


    The Oddsockeaters/动画/奇幻/冒险/捷克语/加林娜·米克林诺瓦/克里斯托弗·哈德克/Jan Maxián/David Novotný/翁德雷·特罗扬




    2018-08-03 246
  • 流浪猫鲍勃



    电影改编自真实事件。家庭的破裂令詹姆斯(卢克·崔德威 Luke Treadaway 饰)遭受了巨大的打击开始自暴自弃,他染上了毒瘾,身无分文,成为了一名流连在街头的卖艺者。瓦尔(琼安·弗洛加特 Joanne Froggatt 饰)是负责詹姆斯的戒毒所医生,在她的帮助下,詹姆斯终于有了一个能够遮风挡雨的家,瓦尔坚信詹姆斯能够凭借自己的意志,彻底摆脱毒品的诱惑。 某日,一只流浪猫闯进了詹姆斯的家,詹姆斯收养了它,给它取名鲍勃,当詹姆斯离开家走上...

    起底橘猫,德高望重的老艺术家。缺爱的人都需要一只拯救愚蠢人类的喵星人。很温暖,很治愈!。You are what you do.。这只猫从不笑。《流浪猫鲍勃》——最宜冬天服用,暖人心脾(对比原著)。作为书粉老实说对电影并不满意。"黄毛都有铁一般的意志..."。詹姆斯鲍勃友谊地久天长。我有四个鲍勃。


    2017-01-15 1511
  • 烂仔帮


    /喜剧/英语/Michael Philip/瑞德·李察/罗伯特·克耐普/丹尼·特雷霍/比佛莉·德安姬罗

    A shy British graduate gets dragged on a wild road trip across America to a raging fraternity party by his soon-to-be stepbrothers, as his mother marries into a larger-than-life, all American family. (His worst nightmare)


    2018-06-25 84
  • 白牦牛


    The White Yak/剧情/藏语/李加雅德/彭毛切卓/旺卓措/尕玛昂秀/杨措吉



    2019-06-26 19
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